Coway Water Purifier HARRY

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Coway Water Purifier HARRY

Coway 净水器 HARRY

❤ Slimmest design (26cm wide) – standing unit with no worried about crowded space anymore
苗条设计 (26公分阔度) – 直立式净水机,不再担心拥挤的空间

❤ Small on outside but BIG on inside ! Total of 12 Liters clean and fresh water everyday.

❤ Contemporary Design – Tall and sleek design, it may most handsome looking home appliance in your living space
时尚设计 – 或许是您家中最帅气的家具用品

❤ Three instant water temperatures – Hot, cold & ambient
三种水温 – 热,冷及室内温度

❤ Safety – Child lock mode

❤ User friendly

❤ Free delivery and instalation

❤ Periodic On-site service

❤ Free up to 5 years of service, filters change, spare parts change, warranty, maintenance *
免费长达5年的 : 服务,更换过滤芯,配件更换,担保,维护 *

*Term & condition apply


For more info, kindly contact me, your friendly and professional Coway Health Planner, im Kent
想了解详情。请联系您友善且专业的 Coway 健康规划员,我是 Kent

☞ Kent 013-4257121
☞ Kent 013-4257121
☞ Kent 013-4257121



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